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‘To be an English Copywriter in Paris or not, that is the question’

One day, after a few years working as a digital English copywriter and community manager for different companies in Paris, it hit me. Why not do what I love all day long (English copywriting) on my own terms and without all the annoying bits – long convoluted meetings, daily commuting etc.?

And so, English Copywriter in Paris was born.

Image of Victoria Wall, English Copywriter in Paris

Education: Modern Languages with translation at Cambridge University.

Work experience: Project manager at a London transcreation agency, digital copywriter for a major French flash sales site and editorial manager at a travel comparison start-up in Paris all shaken up with a generous dose of English teaching and web translation.

Specialty: Powerful online copy (yes, SEO optimisation, ROI & calls to action).

Favourite writing topics: All things French and especially Paris-related. Having lived and worked as a native English copywriter in France for over 6 years, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of life in the French capital. And, I have plenty of insights and experiences to share.

Passions: Language (it goes without saying), Paris, reading, globetrotting (the wish-list is long) and running (fast, far and wide).

Work motto: Where there’s a word, there’s a way