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English Copywriter in Paris: from creative English copywriting to Paris travel guides and web copy with lots of je ne sais quoi

Passionate about interesting, relevant and adapted content, I’m here to help with all of your copywriting, editing and translating dilemmas.

Online Content in English

web content - english copywriter in paris

-          Eye-catching copy in a fast-paced environment ex. web copy, social media, email campaigns, blogs, websites, MOOCs

Offline Content in English

print advertising - english copywriter in paris

-          Powerful and insightful messages for any product, service or brand e.g. print, articles, books, brochures, flyers

Translation FR/ES – EN

translation - english copywriter in paris

-          The right words in the right way working from French to English or Spanish to English

Transcreation in English

transcreation - english copywriter in paris

-          Carefully adapting ideas & content from French or Spanish into English for the UK and international markets

+ English language editorial strategy and advice